Researching Christmas with Turasa

Top 10 Best Gifts for Conscious Families

  It’s the holiday season, where we, the parents, get to play Santa! With so many options, it’s hard to choose. The toys, games and books we invite into our family shape our children, so I decided to do some research and come up with a list of toys and games I feel share the […]

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Turasa receives Brain Child Award!

  The Brain Chid award is given to a select number of toys each year that exemplify exciting products for kids that stimulate the growing brain as well as the body. We are thrilled to receive honors from the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards program for Turasa – A Yoga Adventure.™ “The Brain Child Award […]

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Playing Turasa in the Sunshine

  People have been asking me for a video of playing Turasa with he kids, so here you go! Watch the Video Here!  

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Turasa Goes to Therapy

We are thrilled to find out that therapists are using our game to help children. Read below and see the feedback we’re getting. “Turasa has been a great tool for my practice as a child therapist. It has allowed me to help children get more in touch with their body and learn self control in […]

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From Victim to Warrior

I love teaching yoga to kids but when it comes to pre-teens and teenagers not only are we as teachers responsible for teaching them the yoga poses but also problem solving skills. I have found that both boys and girls at this age want to play victim and want to blame others for things that […]

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Just be silly!

The other day I got a call from a woman who was going to teach a yoga class to kids ages 3-5 and her question to me was what really makes a good kids yoga teacher? My answer show up to the class with love in your heart and do not be afraid to improvise. […]

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When I teach yoga classes to children, I love to talk to them about using their intuition. I ask them to tell me what they think intuition is and how they might use their intuition to make better decisions. One child told me that she uses her intuition when she takes tests at school. She […]

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Happy Hearts Day

Every yoga class begins or ends like this… “Bring your hands to your heart and let the sunshine in, feel the light warming your heart, God’s light is pouring through you so beautifully, that you cannot help but smile.”  Then I always make sure to remind them that takes more muscles to frown then to […]

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A wonderful way to start a children’s yoga class is to have the children say their name and say what they are grateful for in their lives. Often times I have them pass a real ball or an imaginary ball.  Another fun way to start class is to have them say their name and to […]

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Kids get more sleep with Corpse Pose

Kids, like adults, sometimes have a hard time sleeping. But with a little help from a story and Corpse Pose, you can teach your kids the first step to relaxation. For the best results try this with them. Lay on your back give them a visual of being on a cloud or floating down a […]

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