How to Play

Turasa is the first action board game where kids can tap into their imagination and become different animals through exercise movements.

Turasa Card SpreadStart with the youngest player, pick a card, everyone does the pose together, the player that picks the card moves the turtle (the rock) the number of spaces listed on the corner of the card. The next player chooses a card until the game completes at the jungle and Turasa the turtle is home safe.

Q & A

Q: Can anyone play Turasa?
A: Yes! If you are currently healthy and have no spinal problems, you will have no problem playing this game.

Q: How old do you have to be to play Turasa?
A: Anyone with an active imagination can play this game.

Q: What is Yoga?
A: Yoga is a system of stretching that encourages strength with an emphasis on balance and breathing.


Why parents love this game

  • Turasa has one piece, so it emphasizes cooperation!
  • Turasa has challenge cards, which help kids see that challenge is positive it also tests them and strengthens their bodies.
  • Turasa has cards that help kids think and answer questions about gratitude, friendship and keeping the earth healthy, all in fun.
  • Turasa gets family together, off the TV and into an old fashioned adventure
  • It’s fun and they love a good challenge
  • Improves balance, strength and flexibility.

“Turasa teaches me to be kind and to love my friends.” – Ashley age 6

“I like the lion pose!” – Max age 4

“I used one of the breathing techniques before a test and I did better.” – Maya Age – 11


How to Purchase the Game

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